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Easily Manage Customers & Jobs in Your Freelancer or Self-Employed Business

Start and grow your self-employed business with TR Growth CRM, an easy-to-use customer management and sales analytics tool. Just add your customers and jobs and gain instant access to your sales performance.

TR Growth CRM freelancer self employed sales customer management tool

Key Features

Taking your business to the next level couldn’t be easier! With TR Growth CRM, you’ll have access to a powerful customer relationship management solution that will help better understand your business, helping you boost sales and ensure lasting success.

Manage Customers

A CRM starts with showing the essentials such as customer contact information, phone number or email, address, source, and more.

Sales Management

Keep track and manage each job you do with your clients, updating the progress and status throughout the sales cycle until you are paid in full.

Grow Your Customer Relationships

Use your CRM to log meaningful information about your customers, your work for them, and everything in between.

Top 3

Instantly see your top-paying customers or jump over to the Top 3 list for more valuable information about your business.


Easily and instantly gain insight into your sales using our user-friendly charts and reports. We do the math, you see the results!


Use the tracker to record your business plan, changes to your projects, or anything else you want.

Self-Employed Sales Tool

TR Growth CRM Client Relationship Management Sales Tool for independent contractors on taskrabbit fiverr and gig apps
Starting a business or side hustle can be a blessing, but it’s not easy. As a self-employed consultant, freelancer, or independent contractor, you must stay on top of customer management to grow a successful business. But not only do you have limited time and resources, but it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of all the essential sales information.

Millions of self-employed individuals like yourself are losing valuable time every day just trying to keep up with customer data and stay organized. This means you’re missing out on valuable insights that could help you make better decisions and reach your goals faster. You’re essentially wasting time and money by not having an organized customer management system. And this can leave you feeling frustrated, lost, and burned out.

TR Growth CRM provides a stress-free, time-saving way to manage customer relationships and sales! Don’t waste another minute managing your customer data by relying on spreadsheets, messy notepads, or straining yourself to remember everything when you can have TR Growth CRM do it for you! Keep track of critical information while understanding what works so you can confidently grow your business!

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TR Growth CRM Shows You What Matters Most

TR Growth CRM is an easy-to-use sales tool designed to give you critical business insight that can help you make better-informed decisions leading to a better customer experience and an increase in sales. Are you on track for the year?

Get TR Growth CRM to Help Grow Your Self-Employed Business

TR Growth CRM is an excellent tool for contractors, sole proprietors, and small businesses because it gives them information about their most valuable customers and how well their sales are doing. 

This software lets you easily track your progress and focus on what is important. By unlocking these insights, you will be better equipped to reach new levels of growth!


A CRM can increase sales by 300%


of the salespeople who use a mobile CRM meet their sales quotas


is the average return from CRM for every dollar invested


of companies operate their CRM on multiple devices.

Gain Valuable Insight

With TR Growth CRM, you can manage your customers and sales, and gain instant access to what matters most, the analytics and data that allows you to understand your business.

A Mobile CRM Experience You Can Enjoy Anywhere

TR Growth CRM is designed for independent contractors who are on the go! That means having access through your mobile device, tablet, and computer.

tr growth crm for gig workers on the go mobile crm

Pay What You Want Plan

Discover the power of TR Growth CRM to strengthen client relationships, increase profitability, and propel your business to new heights! Affordable for anyone, experience it yourself today.